The Potential of Using Mycorrhizal Fungi to Forecast Disturbances in Ecosystems Caused by Management Changes

Roxana Vidican, Vlad Stoian, Ioan Rotar, Florin Păcurar


Mature ecosystem balance is due to ability of fungi to create hyphal networks between roots of higher plant. The role of mycorrhizas as mediators in the nutrients circuit made them, in the course of evolution, more susceptible to changes in applied management of ecosystems. The ability to respond very quickly to disturbances, makes these symbiotic microorganisms to be a good indicator in shaping the ecological depreciations. The amplitude of mycorrhizal response to fertilization and treatment recipes, overlapped on climatic conditions, confers an increased stability to forecasting models. At high values frequency of colonization in the root system is a parameter with increased functionality in forecasting, whereas the intensity of the colonization provide stable patterns at low values. A complex model can be developed only on the basis of both parameters.


mycorrhiza, disturbances, forecast, ecosystem, management changes

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