Comparative Study Regarding the Quality of Surface and Ground Drinking Water Obtained from the Water from Cluj Region

Silvia Claudia Moșneag, Violeta Popescu, Daniela Vele, Călin Neamțu


The main objective of this work is the monitoring of drinking water quality of Cluj region. Several studies have been carried out to analyze the quality of drinking water coming from their water distribution system. In the study were collected and analyzed also surface and groundwater used as raw water by the Operators. In the collected samples there were analyzed: physical parameters (conductivity, pH, turbidity) and chemical parameters (chlorides, nitrates, oxidability). The results interpretation was made according to admitted limits provided by 458/2002 republished in 2011 and 311/2004 Laws. In the areas with agricultural activity, the nitrates presence was observed in relatively stable concentrations in time. The condition of the water supply networks is a factor which contributes to the water quality.


drinking water, quality parameters, admitted limits

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