Rhododendron luteum Sweet. and Rhododendron hirsutum L. in Habitats from Central Europe

Marin Căprar, Maria Cantor, Paul Szatmari, Cosmin Sicora


This paper presents results of research conducted in the field in three different habitats edified by two speciesof Rhododendron specific to Central Europe (Rhododendron hirsutum and Rhododendron luteum). It presents theirspread, the ecological requirements of each habitat, typical plant association, enlightening and characteristic speciescomposition. Also the names of the same habitats found on different classifications are mentioned for better correlationand recognition. Specified codes are EUNIS, Emerald, Natura 2000, Palearctic habitats and European forest types. Alsodebating on how Rhododendron species spread and survived in Europe during the last glacial period. Vegetation typesare described in the Julian Alps in Slovenia, the Austrian Alps and pine forests in Poland, where a certain species ofRhododendron prevails. Vegetation was observed following the research in the field.


rhododendrons species areas, plant communities, Central Europe.

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