Use of Soil Conditioners in Greenhouses Soils

Laura Paulette, Feodor Filipov, Ioan Oroian, Mircea Mihalache, Antonia Odagiu, Mihai Buta


The paper had as main objective the orientation to unconventional resources and protecting ecosystems, withsignificant participation in flow optimization of substances and nutrients, in limiting the use of resources and potentiallyharmful inputs. Greenhouse soils are subject to intensive technologies that determine deep changes of the upper layers ofsoil, especially the aggregation capacity, so require solutions to improve the structural condition, with implications forquality indicators that define the productive capacity of soils. Use of soil structure conditioners proved an effectivemeasure, especially for heavy degradation of the soil structure, as evidenced in the current research of using soilconditioner under the culture of vegetables where there was a clear increase of stability of soil aggregates (from 49.1% to68.4%) and consequently an improvement in physical and chemical properties of the soil. Research has highlighted also adistinction of structural composition of stable aggregates categories and that applying soil conditioner in double dose (4L/ha) results no major differences, not being economic nor sustainable.


soil structure, soil conditioners, soil quality indices, hydro-physical indices.

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