The Human Health Risk Assessment Related to the Nitrates and Nitrites in the Wells Water in Fărcașa Village, Maramureș County (Romania)

Irina Smical, Adriana Muntean, Cristina Chioran


The presence of nitrates and nitrites in drinking water is one of the major concerns for the risk assessment of population exposure. This study refers to the risk exposure of the Fărcașa inhabitants to the nitrate and nitrites in wells water. This locality has been designated as vulnerable to nitrate pollution originated from agriculture and in this context, 24 households with fountains settled downstream of the manure piles have been investigated. The data resulted by establishing the daily chronic intake (DCI) and the hazard index (HI) led to the conclusion that the risk associated to the fountain water ingestion is acceptable.


isk, nitrates, nitrites, fountains, drinking water.

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