Meta-Models Efficiency in Mapping Potato Pathogens Attack

Cristian MÄ‚LINAȘ, Ioan OROIAN, Antonia ODAGIU


It is well known that given the important role that environment plays in the development of plant diseases, climate change may cause changes in their case, and also concerning the impact of plant diseases on the yields. Currently, there are used the projections and estimates of future climate change effects on plant diseases. In our study we aimed to identify the climatic factors with main importance in mapping potato disease in climatic conditions of the county of Cluj, using meta-models, represented by factorial analysis. The experiments developed during 2012-2014 in Poieni, county of Cluj, in a potato filed. Data were processed with STATISTICA software v7.0. for windows. In analyzed experimental field located in Poieni Village, county of Cluj, the factorial analysis revealed that only temperature and humidity are responsible for most of the variance.


clime, factorial analysis, humidity, temperature, correlation.

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