Influence of Technological and Biotic Factors on some Elements of the Maize Production Grown in the Classical System and with Minimum Tillage at ARDS Turda

Alina Șimon, Laura Șopterean, Ana Maria Vălean, Felicia Chețan, Cornel Chețan, Mircea Ignea, Felicia Mureșanu


Minimum tillage systems on soil have become in the last time a necessity as a result of global climate change. The main plant cultivation measure, however, influence also the intensity of Fusarium infection, being recomanded to optimize tillage systems to control these infections. Maize culture in minimal systems creates optimal conditions to develop and maintain in culture more specific pests. The productions obtained in the two soil systems are near, the difference in production indicating the need for a work (mobilization) of soil being necessary to slaughter in the spring, before sowing, at maize culture.


soil tillage systems, fertilization, treatments, Fusarium, pests, climate conditions.

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