Current Importance of Wheat Pests in the Cultural Technologies of Soil No-Tillage Conservative System and of Antierosional Agroforestry Curtains System, in Transylvania

Dana Malschi, Adina Daniela Ivaș, Ana Maria Vălean, Felicia Chețan, Nicolae Tritean, Cornel Chețan, Istvan Pataki


Elaborated in 2007-2014, at Agricultural Research-Development Station Turda, the paper entitled Current importance of wheat pests in the technologies of soil consevative no tillage and of antierosional agroforestry curtains system, in Transylvania, presents research on the dynamic of wheat pests and the adequated pest control management in relation to the agro-ecological and technological changes, in Transylvania. Entomological study on the integrated control of wheat pests has been carried out under different cultural soil technologies: conservative (successive no tillage) and classical (by plowing), in open field agroecosystems and in agro-forestry belts farming system. The paper mentions the importance of adjusting the integrated pest management (IPM) in the structural changes of harmful entomofauna, including wheat thrips (as eudominant species), wheat flies, leafhoppers, aphids, wheat fleas (as dominant groups), cereals bugs etc. IPM recommends special attention to preventing measures for cereal flies, leafhoppers, aphids etc., by respecting the optimal sowing time, agro-technical methods, seed treatment with systemic insecticide and the complex plant protection measures, entomophagous conservation and use, environmental protection. The research results prouved the importance of insecticide applications in two different moments: end of tillering phase and ear emergence, in open field with classical soil technology. IPM is a major section of soil no tillage technologies comprising a special pest control strategy, with insecticides application in 2-3 succesive treatments. The research pointed out the efficiency of natural biological control, in the farming system with protective agro-forestry belts - favourable for increasing of useful fauna.


wheat pests, integrated pest control, soil no tillage technology, protective agro-forestry belts system.

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