Study Regarding the Soil Influence on Rose Sp. Growth

Carmen Manuela Simu, Doina Clapa, Mihai Buta


The present paper analyzes the influence of the environment and soil on the quality of the seedling of roses (Rosa Sp). To determine the influence of the soil on the seedling’s quality it is necessary to evaluate the climateric condition, to set-up experimental fields, plants (Rosa Sp.) biometric measurements and in the end to evaluate the soil impact. To achieve the purpose of the paper the experience were set as polyfactorial experiences, organized in comparative culture, Latin rectangle, in six repetitions, arranged in storey blocks, with two soil types, and a number of seven varieties of roses. The research was made at SC ROSAFRUCT SRL Unirea and at the Research Fruit Station Cluj. The variance and t test were used to analyze the data. The results revealed that the seven types of roses can be divided into three main categories: the first category includes the species that better develop on eutric fluviosoil, the second category includes the species that better develop on calcaric fluviosoil, and the third category includes the species for which the soil has no influence on the development.


seed planting material, rose cultivar, soil, eco-pedology condition.

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