Enzyme Activity - Indicator of Soil Biological Dynamics

Roxana Vidican, Vlad Stoian


Substrate utilization rate is a value of functional diversity specific for every ecosystem. The microbial groups are responsible for the exploitation of nutrient resources and conversion of organic matter, releasing into the soil the necessary enzymes for decomposition and mineralization processes. Monitoring the microbial enzymatic activity in the soil provides a number of useful indicators in determining the quality and equilibrium of soil. The enzymatic activity is concentrated in the rhizosphere of plants, the scale of the interpretation of the enzymatic processes ranging from a micro-level to a macro-(landscape) level. Enzymes provide good indications on biogeochemical cycles of elements, with a higher intensity of activity near to the soil surface. The study of soil enzymes provide effective analytical units for microbial processes, nutrient reserves and composition of microbial communities.


soil enzymes, microbial communities, soil dynamics, heterogeneity, biogeochemical cycles.

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