Determining Influence on the Cultivation Technology on Weeds and Soybean Production

Cornel Chețan, Felicia Chețan, Teodor Rusu, Alina Șimon


Each culture or cultures group are affected by certain species of weeds and adapted instead, let vegetate under the same conditions as cultivated plants and technologies applied, so it is necessary instead, let it know how to prevent and combat these harmful to plants. To reduce environmental pollution required dose reduction of herbicides used conservative use of technology, and finding alternative solutions, effective weed control. Research conducted at the ARDS Turda in the agricultural year 2014 followed the effect of four different herbicides used to control weeds in soybean crop, sown in two tillage systems: classical system with minimal tillage system on weeding and production. Experience bifactorial type was placed on a faeoziom vertic soil type, crop specific choice of soy, the combinations and different times of application of herbicides. In minimum tillage system weeding degree is higher compared to the conventional system due to the effectiveness of this autumn plowing. The influence of tillage weed spectrum, the combination of herbicides used for sensitive crops like soybeans, must be established on scientific considerations of complementarity


tillage system, climatic conditions, weed control, production

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