Changes of Enzymes Activities in Peat Profile of Raised Bog and Fen in Northern and Central Poland

Lech Wojciech Szajdak, Wioletta Gaca, Katarzyna Styla, Marek Szczepanski, Ivanova Inisheva


The aim of the study was to compare the activities of phenol oxidase, xanthine oxidase and urease, chemical and physical propertiesin peat profile in raised bog and fen. These studies showed differences in biochemical, chemical and physical parameters between Kusowo bog and Stążka fen. Increased activity of xanthine oxidase and the contents of total organic carbon (TOC) , hot water extractable organic carbon (CHWE), ammonium and nitrate ions and C/N were evaluated in Kusowo bog whereas the concentration of total nitrogen was higher in Stążka fen. However, high activity of xanthine oxidase and amounts of ammonium and nitrate ions were observed in spring and contents of TOC, and CHWE in autumn. High C/N ratio in Kusowo bog suggests lower decomposition degree of organic residues than in Stążka fen. Moreover, we demonstrated the increase of urease activity and contents of C HWE, total nitrogen at the depth of 0-50 cm in both mires.


raised bog, fen, physical and chemical properties, enzyme activity

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