Agrochemical Characterization of Soils and Hydrophysical Indices in Bistrita-Nasaud

Ștefan Bakos, Marilena Mărghitaș, Lavinia Moldovan


This paper refers to the mapped area of the Bistrita-Nasaud, respectively 24 administrative territorial units, totaling 123,521 ha of agricultural land. The authors present a brief description of climatic conditions with reference to relief, geology, climate, hydrological description that led to the formation of ground couverture. In the course of the activity at OSPA Cluj, was conducted numerous agrochemical soil studies, including soil analysis in this area. These studies have highlighted, among others, agrochemical parameters of soils and hydrophysical properties of soils in the area of mentioned. Soil reaction: strong acid on an area of 360 ha, moderate acid on 7850 ha, weak acid 76210 ha, neutral on 12780 ha, slightly alkaline on 22340 ha, moderately alkaline on 3941 ha and strongly alkaline on 40 ha, reserve of humus  (0-50 cm) very small and small on 59831 ha, moderate on 43210 ha, high and very high on 20480 ha. In terms of physical and hydrophysical indices of soil, a sandy texture was identified on 11290 ha, clayey on 48203 ha, loamy on 75698 ha, very loose and loose soils and 23120 hectares, unsettled on 25620, compacted and strong compacted on 74781 ha, very superficial and shallow soils on 23080 ha, moderately deep on 4860 ha, powerful and extremely deep on 68210 ha, low and extremely low porosity on 28830 ha, moderately on 73289 ha, high and very high on 21402 ha, bulk density is high and very high on 11100 ha, medium on 36800 ha, low and very low on 76001 ha, extremely low on 3300 ha, easily accessible water capacity is very low and low on 35625 ha, medium on 62436 ha, high and very high on 25450 ha. Summarizing the above, one finds that the main agrochemical and hydrophysical indicators are in close contact with the blanket of soil and improvement of management practices can only be done through deep knowledge and inventory of the land agrochemical and hydrophysical characteristics.


agrochemistry, resources, limitative, productive

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