Heavy Metals in some Transylvanian Soils

Edward Muntean, Nicoleta Muntean, Marcel M Duda


This research gathers data collected during 2012-2014 on the distribution of lead, cadmium, copper, and zinc in three locations from Transylvania: Cluj Napoca, Jucu and Seica Mare. Atomic absorption spectrophotometry analyses were performed on a Shimadzu AA-6300 double beam atomic absorption spectrophotometer, with both flame atomization and graphite furnace, revealing the following ranges for the studied elements: 0.07 - 14.62 μg/kg for lead, 0.02 - 0.99 μg/kg for cadmium, 11.43 - 15.28 mg/kg for copper and 52.27 - 71.86 mg/kg for zinc. The  maximum concentrations were recorded in samples originating from Seica Mare, but all of them are under the reference normal values.


heavy metals, Transylvanian soils

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