Research Concerning the Effect of a Fertilization System on the Content of Potassium (K ) in a Representative Soil in the Transylvanian Plain

Andra Ramona Poruțiu, Marilena Mărghitaș, Lavinia Moldovan, Raluca Fărcaș


The current research is based on the results obtained on soil analysis in long term experiments conducted on an argic chernozem soil at SCA Turda (representative for the Transylvanian Plain). The goal of this research is to agrochemically substantiate the differentiated fertilization  systems involved in the evolution of nutritional elements in the soil, in the reference area, due to the application of complex  fertilizers. In this study it was tracked the effect of the nitrogen and phosphorous application on the quantity of potassium in the soil. The research presents the stated results as annual (partial) values and it will continue with them as being reference values for further experimental years (as stages in long term experiments ). The already existing and further research will enrich the study’s utility in taking a rational fertilization decision based in the future also on the support of the suggested solutions. The presented data hold originality, according to which the suggested solutions through fertilization models become important and present a real efficiency in the fertilization practice and technologies applied to crops on this type of soil.


potassium, nitrogen-phosphorus interaction, experimantal years, fertilization systems

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