Landslides Monitoring by Using Topographical Surveying and 3D Laser Scan

Istvan Botond Szilagyi, Marcel Dîrja, Adela Hoble


Landslides are usually triggered by natural hazards, but this incidence is increasing due to impropriate land use practices with visible social, environmental and economic consequences for medium and long term, and is also the most extensive form of degradation. Modern techniques facilitates delivering of  monitoring results faster than classic methods, taking into account the specific natural conditions used in the planning and organization of degraded lands. Land degradation processes influence negatively agricultural lands, especially pastures which are the most dangerous outbreaks of soil degradation. This article shows the monitoring results regarding the digital terrain model of a landslide located in Lechinta Commune - Vermes Village (Cluj County).


landslides, hazard maps, digital terrain model ( DTM )

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