The Effect of Fertilization and Previous Cropping of Sunflower on the Yield and the Values of Spad Values of Winter Wheat

Gergely Szilagyi, Eszter Muranyi, Eva Vincse, Akos Totin


Our research was carried out in a long-term experiment, in two different growing seasonsafter sunflower previous cropping with control, N60+PK and N120+PK fertilizer treatments, with genotypes GK Csillag and Mv Csárdás. According to the results, in the examined seasons, significant differences in productivity were observed between the varieties. In the more favourable crop year of 2013/2014 - with similar agricultural techniques and fertilization - a considerable increase were detected in the control treatment  (+248.8 - 263.7%), with N60+PK (185.7 - 220.5%) and with N120+PK (126.5 - 138.2%) fertilizer treatments, compared to growing season 2012/2013. Based on the obtained data, due to fertilization and to the effect of the more favourable crop year, SPAD values were higher compared to those of growing season 2012/2013.


winte wheat, fertilization, crop rotation, yield, Spad

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