Growing Degrees Days for Transylvanian Plain between 2012 - 2014

Camelia-Liliana Coste, Teodor Rusu, Ileana Bogdan, Adrian Ioan Pop, Paula Ioana Moraru, Bogdan Matei Duda, Horea Cacovean


Considering that in the most areas of Romania, the air temperature increased by 0.8°C - 1°C in the second half ofthe 20th century (NMA, 2011) it requires to reconsider the favorable conditions for the main crops from TransylvanianPlain (TP). Recording air and soil temperature data was achieved through 10 stations HOBO-MAN-H21-002 typelocated in areas with different climatic conditions specific for TP. Establishing the optimum time for sowing andanalyze growing degree days were achieved for the period 2012-2014. In the most stations from TP, GDD for winterwheat, maize, sunflowers and soybeans recorded higher values than those mentioned in the literature. The study resultslead to the conclusion that it is recommended to consider a review of the favorable conditions for the crops analyzed inTP


Growing Degrees Days, Transylvanian Plain, optimal sowing period

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