Multiregression Analyse and Environmental and Plant Protection Monitoring. A Case Study: Monitoring Late Blight Attack Degree in a Bifactorial Experiment

Cristian Iederan, Antonia Odagiu, Ioan Oroian, Daniela Bordea, Cristian Malinas


It  is  well  known  that  biostatistics  has  many  field  applications,  being large  scale  used from environmental monitoring to medical data processing. It is one of the most valuable tool in both analyse and prediction. We also have to  mention  that  it can  bring  an  important  contribution  when  multidisciplinary  approach  is  implemented. The  paper focuses  on feasibility  of  involving  the multiregression analyse in  quantification  of  the  environmental  monitoring  and also influence of the monitoring activity on plant protection management. The research was developed during April - September  2014,  and carried out  within  a  private  potato  farm  located  in Transylvanian  Plane. A  bifactorial  trial  was installed  in  experimental  field. Data  were  processed  using  Statistica  v.  7.0  software. The  use  of  the  multiregression model, allows environmental monitoring data interpretation in correlation with plant protection parameters represented by attack degree of Phytophtora infestans Mont de Bary attack degree, in this case, and contributes to implementation of progress in plant protection management.


standard deviation, variance analysis, Phytophtora infestans Mont de Bary, variable.

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