The Behavior Study of Landscaped Slopes Related with Iulius Mall Cluj Napoca Green Space

Mihai Voevod, Marcel Dîrja, Adela Hoble, Simona Varvara, Ancuța Radu (Tenter), Istvan Botond Szilagyi


Soil erosion manifests on slopes and sandy soils with high intensity by the action of water or wind, if they are not protected by vegetation cover compact, consisting of herbaceous vegetation or forest. Drip irrigation is a method of irrigation with high frequency application of water in and around the root zone of plants (crop) and consists of a network of pipes with suitable emitting devices. By using drip irrigation, the water saving compared to conventional surface irrigation is about 40-60% and the yield can be increased up to 100%. The studied slopes are related with Iulius Mall Cluj Napoca Green area. The climate data refer to average temperature, maximum and minimum, annual and monthly atmospheric precipitates. Shrubs species that were used to stabilization slop are: Euonymus fortunei and Cotoneaster horizontalis, knowing that this species protects soil against erosion. For the landscape designing of slope was used 3D software RealTime Landscaping Architects. Slope has an area of 630 m2 and has a western exposes. For the irrigation systems were used surface pipes which were fixed with drip tube clamps together. Also to prevent erosion and runoffs was used as substrate cover biodegradable netting jute and expanded. In conclusion, drip irrigation system shows more advantages to be used on eroded slopes such as: it provides flexible water applicants above and below the soil surface without disorder the land cover stabilization of eroded slopes.


land drip irrigation, erosion, irrigation system, slope.

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