Perspectives on the Responsible Consumption of the Water Resources in Romania

Alina Ciomos, Lenke Imre, Tania Mihăiescu, Radu Mihăiescu


The climate change, the greenhouse emissions, the weather extreme events are, in general, accepted as a result of intensive industrialization and of our way of life. Environmentalists use all the communication channels in order to alarm the authorities and the population with regard to the effects that industrialization has on the environment. One such effect is lowering the quantity of limited resources, one of them, perhaps the most important one, is the volume of fresh water on the Globe. Under these circumstances, the authors propose new approaches for lowering the volume of fresh water abstraction and consumption, through reuse of properly treated wastewater in areas where this does not impede optimal functioning of the systems.


sustainable development, water resources, properly treated wastewater reuse.

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