Monitoring Consumers’ Behavior of Juice Preferences

Camelia Oroian, Antonia Odagiu


Even though juices are highly appreciated by all categories of consumers and represents one of the basic merchandise in all supermarkets, ourdays is noted an increasing concern about their influence on population health because of their content in food additives. The aim of our study is to emphasize the preferences of the population concerning these products, and the additive contents in these products, in supermarkets. The survey was conducted during May - August 2015 in the most crowded 5 supermarkets from Cluj-Napoca. A number of 500 individuals were interviewed. The experimentally products included different categories of juices, which are the first in consumers’ preferences. In order to implement the survey a questionnaire was elaborated and piloted using the interview, as method for data collection. Females (58%) have a more intense shopping activity compared to males (42%), and juices are consumed predominantly by population segment aged of 18-29 years (30%), with families (68%), with average education (83%), and income (88.80%). The consumers’ preferences concerning juices available in supermarkets are: Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola, Sprite, Mirinda Limonetto and Prigat.


food, additive, E compound, supermarket.

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