Implementation of Communitarian policies concerning phytosanitary quarantine in Romanian legislation

Sînziana Pauliuc, Ioan Oroain, Marian Proorocu


After Romania joined the European Union, issues relating to legislation concerning the phytosanitary quarantineare focused on correction of orders and decisions issued initially, especially regarding the methodology for protectivemeasures against the introduction and spread of organisms harmful to plants or plant products in Romania, organizationand quality control of the import and export plant seeds and seedlings as well as the control, prevention and combatingof quarantine regulated at EU level. The aim of our study is to emphasize the degree of implementation in Romanianlegislation of the European Community regulations concerning the phytosanitary quarantine. Understandingphytosanitary policies, especially their mechanisms of transposition of European Community law in the Romanianlegislations is performed through a process of comparison because the experimental methods are generally inapplicablein this area. The transposition of the EC phytosanitary legislation into national law, has a very good coordinationbetween the main directions.


European Union, legislation, orders, decisions, law.

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