Structural Parameters of the Pine Trees from Reghin Forestry District. Note 4: the Experimental Period 2012 - 2014

Petru Burduhos, Ioan Oroain, Ilie Covrig, Cristian Iederan, Ioan Brașovean


The research was carried out within climatic conditions of a three years period, 2012 - 2014,, in the Forestry Direction Reghin, in the 2nd arrangement unity of the U.P. I Breaza, on 50 Sylvester pine trees. A monitoring experiment was conducted, and data were processed using the programme IBM SPSS Statistics v. 20. The climatic conditions of the experimental areal, calculated for the entire experimental three years period, are characterized by the mean temperature of 9.84 ºC, mean humidity of 74.42%, mean rainfall regimen of 6.54 mm. The structural mean parameters are: 11.94 m - mean diameter, 11.45 m - mean height, 0.96 - mean coefficient of slenderness. Between the mean Sylvester pine tree diameters and heights a positive very strong coefficient of correlation was identified (R = 0.991), while between the mean Sylvester pine trees coefficients of slenderness and diameters, resulted a positive m, moderate to strong coefficient of correlation (R = + 659).


correlation, diameter, height, slenderness.

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