The Speed of Germination, Plants’ Density and Yield in Wheat, under Different Phytosanitary Treatments

Camelia FiruÅ£a Oroian, Antonia Odagiu, Ioan Brașovean, Cristian Mălinaș, Bianca Bordeanu


Our trial that aimed to identify the wheat speed of germination, wheat plants’ density, and yield of â€Izvor†wheat variety, infested with Fusarium sp. and treated with five phytosanitary products (Vitavax 200 FF, Vitavax 2000, Divident Star, Kinto Duo, Lamardor), in a presence of an untreated control. The trial was developed within experimental conditions of Research - Development Station for Agriculture Jucu, Cluj - Napoca, during 2013 - 2014. The phytosanitary treatments inhibit wheat plants germination and wheat plants’ density, while the phytosanitary treatment with Vitavax 200 FF stimulates wheat yield, treated plants producing the biggest yield of the experiment, of 3,532.60 kg/ha, respectively. In control variant (V6 untreated) resulted the strongest simple correlation (R = 0.458) between wheat yield and wheat plants’ densities, while in experimental conditions characterized by phytosanitary treatment with Vitavax 2000 (V2), resulted the strongest correlation (R = 0.674) between the wheat yield, and speed of wheat plants’ germination.


best experimental practices, Fusarium, simple correlation, statistics.

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