communicative approach, competence, opinion, debate, controversy.

Amalia Ioana Boț, Ioan Păcurar, Sânziana Pauliuc, Ioana Claudia Uară


In the modern era, man begins to realize the importance of environment and the natural resources for a sustainable
developement of the society in optimal conditions. The attention given on environmental and natural resources protection,
as well as on agrobiodiversity, also is increasing every day, so that soil tillage system must attent these fundamentals in
order to practice organic and sustainable farming by applying the best agricultural techniques. These modern practices
are based on land evaluation marks, regardless the type of crop or variety of soil and area, that are going to be the subject
of this method of research, land evaluation mark. The area of study, Ciceu Hills, by the natural conditions of climate and
microclimate, relief, lithological composition of the substrate and because of the existence in the area of bearers cropping,
represents an excellent framework for studying the suitability of Aronia melanocarpa and Goji lycium barbarum shrubs
which have numerous phitopharmacies properties that bring many benefits to human health.


: organic farming, land evaluation mark, suitability, shrubs, degraded land.

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