Considerations Concerning the Hyerarchisation of the Climatic Factors Affecting Irrigation of Football Field from the Arieșul Turda Municipal Stadium

Mihai Orban, Marcel Dîrja, Oana Orban


The most important problem of the arrangements and maintenance of the football playing facilities involves a series of aspects. In this context, climatic conditions represent an important issue. Our experimental demarche was developed in the climatic conditions of the Arieșul Municipality Stade located in the Municipality of Turda, County of Cluj. The experimental period was the time interval 2014 and 2015, and April and September 2014 - 2015. The data were statistically processed using the STATISTICA package v 8.0, for Windows. The multiple regression approach was used in data analyze. The multiple correlation (R = 0.654) between all three considered climatic factors affect the irrigation regimen in a manner directed by strengthens of the interaction between them, medium to strong, respectively.


atmospheric humidity, temperature, rainfall regimen, multiple regression.

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