Consideration upon Importance of the Impurities Removal from Natural Gas

Călin Ovidiu Safirescu, Antonia Odagiu, Petru Burduhos


This study aims to emphasize the issues, which concerns the reasons that make impurities removal from the natural
gas, a necessity. Even though the methane represents about 80% of the natural gas, saturated, and unsaturated
hydrocarbons, and impurities, are also constituents of this important fuel deposits. Because removal of the liquid and solid
impurities from the natural gas is a necessity, technological tools are developed in order to be achieved, and this process
is governed by national and international norms, and regulations. The theoretical approach was used in order to highlight
the harmful effects of the impurities identified in natural gas upon both natural gas quality, conditioning technology, and
transport infrastructure.


corrosion, hydrocarbons, pipelines, purification.

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