Analysis of Minor and Trace Elements in Cow, Goat and Sheep Milk in the NW Part of Romania

Oana Cadar, Claudiu Tănăselia, Mircea Miclean, Erika Levei, Marin Șenilă, Lăcrămioara Șenilă


A number of 40 cow, goat and sheep milk samples were collected in NW part of Romania and analyzed to determine 15 minor and trace elements (As, Be, Bi, Cd, Co, Cr, Cs, Cu, Mn, Ni, Pb, Rb, Se, Sr and Zn) in fresh cow, goat and sheep milk by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry, ICP-MS. The levels of minor and trace elements are an important indicator of safety and quality of milk. While some elements are essential at low levels, an excess can cause deleterious health effect in humans. The elements were categorized into minor elements (concentration more than 100 ng/g and decreasing order: Zn>Rb>Sr>Cu>Mn>Se>Cr>Ni), trace elements (concentration below 10 ng/g and decreasing order: Cs>Be>Co>Bi) and potential toxic trace elements (As, Cd and Pb). The levels of toxic trace elements, including As, Cd and Pb were low.


minor elements, trace elements, milk, NW Romania.

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