The Effect of Organo-Mineral Fertilization on Districambosoil Concerning the Production Acclimatization of a Variety of Purple Potatoes under the Pedogenetical Characteristics from the Avram Iancu Mountainous Area, Alba County

Ionela David, Marilena Mărghitaș


Farming system where are cultivated potatoes needs a continuous supply of a new varieties. Romania in the last century as regard varieties of potatoes went on the line of yellow or white potatoes. Necessity of introducing of purple potatoes is beneficial for human health and for agriculture sustainable development in this mountainous area. The experiment aimed acclimatization a purple potatoes in conditions of pedogenetical montanious area. Districambosoil characteristics have made the purple potatoes variety, Blue Salad to acclimatize well in the mountainous area. The analysis of the main agrochemical factors of districambosoil cultivated with potatoes in Avram Iancu village, highlights the acid and the strong acid character (pHH2O 4.40-5.13), with a higher humus content. Organo mineral ferlization on districambosoil characteristics from the mountainous area due to variety Blue Salad a production of from 21t/ha in the control stample to 44 t/ha to 20 t/ha version manure 20t/ ha + N80P80K80.


districambosoil, fertilization, mountainous area, production, purple potatoes.

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