Research upon the Interaction of Climatic Items Involved in Supplying Water Balance of Turf Populating Football Fields. A case Study: The Ungheni Unirea Stade

Mihai Orban, Marcel Dîrja, Oana Orban


 Climatic conditions affect in a decisive manner the management of the football fields, generally speaking, and turf maintaining, by applying irrigation and/or drainage works, in particular. The present trial has been developed in the climatic conditions of the Unirea Ungheni Stade located in Ungheni town, County of Mureș, during the whole years 2014 and 2015, and during a narrower interval, April and September 2014 - 2015, respectively. STATISTICA package v 8.0, for Windows was used for data processing. The multiple regression approach was used in data analyze. The multiple correlation (R = 0.673) between all three considered climatic factors affect the drainage regimen in a manner directed by the moderate strong interaction between them. 


drainage, interaction, multiple regression

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