Quantifying the Influence of Climatic Conditions on Tortrix viridana L. and Microsphaera abbreviata L. Attack in Ouercus robus

Ioan Oroian, Constantin Șulea, Ilie Covrig, Petru Burduhos


Our study was developed with the aim of identifying the way in which the interrelationship between climatic factors affects the attack of powdery mildew and European oak leaf roller in an oak forest located in the Forestry Direction Reghin, County of Hunedoara. The trial was conducted for a three years period, 2012 - 2014, and factorial analysis (using Principal Components Analysis) was implemented in order to achieve the goal of our scientific work. Our research shows
that the wind velocity is the principal climatic factor affecting the manifestation of both Tortrix viridana L., and Microsphaera abbreviata L., but the influence is different in the experimental period, function of the interaction between
wind velocity and other considered climatic factors.


factorial analysis, parameter, Principal Components Analysis, statistics

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