Biometric Approach of Carpatina Goats Reared in South Romania Climate

Augustin Vlaic, Antonia Odagiu, Bogdan Vlaic, Stelian Dărăban, Viorica Coșier


Carpatina goat is the traditional goat breed reared in majority animal farms from Romania. The exploitation of this breed stocks is greatly influenced by the climatic conditions of the rearing areas. Our trial aims the biometric characterization of the main body traits (full length, withers height, thorax perimeter, and body weight), taking into considerationt the mean age of stocks, in climatic conditions of South Romania, characterized by moderate dry climate and high temperatures. A number of 48 individuals, males and females, from 11 farms located in South Romania, were studied. STATISTICA v.8.0 for Windows was used for data processing. The Carpatina goat stocks located in the county of Mehedinţi exhibit the best body development, while those from the county of Dolj recorded the weakest mean full length, and whiters height, and those from the county of Teleorman the weakest mean thorax perimeter and mean body weight. Moderate to average multiple correlations may be emphasized between rainfall, temperature and majority of the studied body traits (full length, thorax perimeter, body weight), while moderate multiple correlation is reported between considered climatic parameters and withers height.


body weight, full length, thorax perimeter, whiters height

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