Forest School. A Modern Method in Educational Process

Marioara Ilea, Alexandra Moș-Butean, Liviu Holonec


The â€Forest school†is a modern educational method which is based on learning outdoors in a specially designed space in the middle of a forest called Pedagogical Forest, offering countless opportunities for learning. The ecological crisis combined with the failure and dropout and lack of motivation for learning have led us to propose the introduction in the educational process of this modern method called Forest school, which has a beneficial effect in various areas: sustainable development, environmental protection, personal and professional development. To see the double impact that Forest school has on society and the environment, we used an investigation questionnaire, which tries to capture the current state of knowledge about the world and its role in the evolution of society and the desire of students to know the beautiful sylvan. Both students and teachers are open to this challenge called Forest school as they want a diversification of the educational process, to arouse their interest in knowledge and self-awareness.


educational process, Forest school, forest function

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