Considerations Regarding the General Profile of Students Attending Higher Agronomic Education

Andra Poruțiu, Vasile Viorel Poruțiu, Felix HoraÈ›iu Arion, Camelia FiruÈ›a Oroian, Tudor Sălăgean, Lavinia Moldovan


The key to improving education in the coming years largely depends not only on the sources of funding and investment in education, but also on the existence of effective and coherent policies based on evidence, student profile, interests and acticities with a better prioritization of educational goals in order to develop skills and basic skills and transversal to all children, young and adults in lifelong learning perspective with special focus on rural areas, disadvantaged communities and people with special educational needs.. In order to meet market requirements, each university must provide a guarantee of achieving the targets of excellence, ensuring the success only by introducing a quality management system, aimed at satisfying employability of graduates, as well as their needs. The higher education system in Romania has undergone significant changes after 1990. Significant increases were recorded for economic studies and legal studies, technical studies making a strong comeback in the last decade in terms of number of students. With the increasing number of students increased also the number of teachers in higher education, but with a much lower rate. Also, the infrastructure of higher education institutions has grown but much slower as the number of students. Universities must adapt their educational programs to the specific needs of these categories of students, and to develop appropriate training programs for teachers, to counterbalance the negative trend of enrollment in higher education after high school. Knowing the features that characterize the students enrolled (future students)  in agronomic higher education represents a starting point for future action directions of the university regarding the approach on students, their interests and activities and also for determining the target group on which to focus the promoting activities regarding the educational opportunities provided by agronomic universities.


educational profile, higher agronomic education, student profile.

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