Identifying the Intensity of the Interrelationship between Climatic Factors Temperature and Humidity on Microsphaera abbreviata L. Attack in Ouercus robus

Ioan Oroian, Constantin Șulea, Ilie Covrig, Petru Burduhos


The trial was carried out in an oak forest located in the Forestry Direction Reghin, County of Hunedoara. The trial was conducted for a three years period, 2012 - 2014.  Quantification of the interrelationship between climatic factors temperature and atmospheric and powdery mildew attack degree on oak trees located within experimental area, using multiple regression analyze, was the aim of our study. This relationship was identified as strong in 2012 (R = 0.828), moderate in 2013 (R = 0.535), and moderate to strong (R = 0.637), in the last experimental year, 2014, respectively. We also noticed that within climatic conditions of the first experimental year 2012, temperature have a positive contribution, while atmospheric humidity have a negative contribution to the increase of the powdery mildew attack degree, in last experimental years, 2012, and 2014, respectively,, both, temperature, and humidity positively contribute to the increase of the powdery mildew attack degree.



correlation, parameter, regression line, statistics

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