Survey on Consumers’ Preferences Concerning Chocolate

Antonia ODAGIU, Camelia Oroian, Bianca Bordeanu, Cristian Mălinaș, Cristian Iederan


By using and processing raw materials agri-food industry is to produce high quality food in terms of innocuousness, nutrition, sensory and aesthetic qualities. The survey was conducted during May - August 2016 in the most crowded 5 supermarkets from Cluj-Napoca, using the questionnaire methodology. A number of 400 individuals were interviewed. The preffered chocolate labels are: Milka, Africana, and Poiana. They have a variable content in substances included in those known as being part of E category. A number of 3 of them are included in preferred chocolate  assortments. They are: flavour with content not mentioned by producer, lecithin from soy (E 322) and polyglycerol polyricinoleate (E 476).


food, production, questionnaire, toxic agents

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