Consideration on the Evolution of some Water Indicators in Cluj - Napoca

Antonia ODAGIU, Ioan Oroian, Claudia Balint, Tania Mihăiescu, Radu Mihăiescu, Adriana Opincariu, Daniela Bordea


Water quality is expressed through a series of physical, chemical, biological and bacteriological terms of value, allowing framing of proof in a particular category, thus acquiring ownership of it to serve a particular purpose. To establish the water quality of the many physical, chemical and biological weapons as may be determined by laboratory analysis using virtually a limited number considered significant. Sampling was conducted in six locations representative neighborhoods of Cluj-Napoca (Dawn, Mărăști, Grigorescu, Gyergyósyentmiklós Center, Mănăștur) compliance with rules in force. They were determined following indicators: pH, conductivity and turbidity of drinking water. Water samples taken from the center of Cluj - Napoca Zorilor, yielded average values of pH 5.70 and 5.90 respectively, below normal admitted, while indicating a slightly acidic pH. So conductivity yielded average values of 88.74 mS / cm center and 104.50 respectively mS / cm in Zorilor, indicating a high ionic load. Turbidity recorded normal levels in all monitoring points.


conductiviy, measurements, pH, turbidity

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