Assessment of the Late Blight Attack on Potato Cultures from the County of Cluj

Cristian Mălinaș, Ioan Oroian, Antonia Odagiu, Cristian Iederan, Bianca Bordeanu


Currently on the market there are many plant diseases prediction models in order to supplement the efforts of manufacturers. The experiments were conducted in four areas of Cluj - Pădureni, Jucu, Vâlcele, Poieni, where the potato rearng is a tradition and is recorded major attacks of late blight. Biological material consists of potato varieties semitârziu Redsec and the semi-early Roclas  for a three years period 2012 - 2014. Regarding the attack blight, it can be concluded that both varieties of potato studied, the highest degrees of assault were reported in the experimental field located in Poieni, characterized the entire experimental period, the highest humidity average (73.09%) and the lowest average temperature (16.70ºC).


fertilization, Phythophtora infestans Mont. de Bary, rainfall, temperature treatment

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