Assessment of the Attack of the Alternaria solanis Sorauer on Potato Cultures from the County of Cluj

Cristian Mălinaș, Ioan Oroian, An Odagiu, Adriana Opincariu, Ioan Brașovean, Cristian Iederan


The potato is a nutritious vegetable, tasty and cheap, which is the staple food of many people and has a large share in the economic balance of many countries. Experimental area covered in this study consisted of four experimental fields placed in four locations in the county of Cluj, respectively Pădureni, Jucu, Vâlcele and Poieni. The trifactorial experiment was developed during a three years period, 2012, 2013, and 2014. The experimental field located in Jucu is characterized by the highest attack blight, equal to 17.28%, the variety of potato semitârziu Redsec, while Roclas-early potato variety was more susceptible to pathogen attack in the climatic conditions of the experimental field located in Vâlcele, which reported a degree of attack equal to 21.53%.


ealy blight, fertilization, rainfall, temperature treatment

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