Reed and Straw-Based Thermally Insulating Panels

Ioan Olimpiu Miron, Daniela Lucia Manea, Andrei Mustea


Since the dawn of time, the need for an abode and ensuring a certain thermal comfort have been one of man’s primary instincts. The original contributions of this paper consist of new types of thermally insulating materials made of ground straw, ground reed and reed strips. The original recipes were tested according to standardised methods for the determination of physical characteristics and thermal conductivity. Building materials such as reed and straw have been used since the dawn of time, but once new materials and producers appeared, they became marginalised. The tests performed have proven that using reed strips or ground reed and ground wheat straw mixed with ordinary commercial binders can have numerous advantages and form thermally insulating panels which, in terms of thermal conductivity, come close to the most commonly used thermally insulating panels employed in construction today, as proven through the experimental activities presented in this study.


reed, straw, ecology, natural building materials, thermal conductivity

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