Quantifying the Phytosanitary Status in Deciduous Forests

Dacian Pop, Ioan Oroian, Ilie Covrig, Petru Burduhos, Sorin Pop, Mădălina Presecan


The pine forests installed on degraded land are subject of a multitude of pests and pathogens attacks. The aim of
our study is to reveal the variety of attacks in a pine tree forest during a tree year’s period, 2012, up to 2014,
respectively. Data were processed with STATISTICA v7.0. The pests belonging Leucaspis sp. are most susceptible to
climatic factors (R = 0.329), being favored by temperatures of 4-20 ° C and humidity in the range 55-85ºC, while less
sensitive is Calomicrus pinicola (R = 0.223), but its action is, however, favored by the temperature and humidity
ranging from 25-50%, and 4-18ºC, respectively.


mushrooms, insects, attack degree, environment.

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