Unconventional Bio-fungicides for the Seed Treatment Used in the Control of Main Wheat Diseases

Carmen Puia, Loredana Suciu, Raluca Miclea


The objective of the present paper was the study of the unconventional treatment behaviour and the influence of these treatments on the wheat diseases. In this research there has been tested the efficacy of different seed treatments before sowing and during the vegetation. Before sowing the products were tested in the laboratory - the spring wheat kernels of Pădureni variety being treated and analysed in whet chamber. The pathogens observed on the wheat kernels were from the genus Penicillium, Fusarium, Alternaria and also a bacterial strain, in different percents. In the experiments 19 variants of biological products were applied on the wheat kernels, by immersion for 3-5 minutes, followed by the powdering with zeolitic dust. At these variants is also added an untreated variant (no 20) – the control. The biological products are constituted of various combinations of plant extracts, essential oils, antagonistic and symbiotic microorganisms, commercial products and other substances. During the vegetation period, observations were made on the emergence of the plants, the incidence of foliar and ear diseases. The testing of the efficacy of the BIONEC products under real field conditions was carried out in the experimental field of ADRS Turda, where an experience was established in which the products were tested.


wheat, bio-products, plant extracts, kernel, pathogens, unconventional.

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