The Main Characteristics of Forest Soils from Cluj and Harghita Counties

Raluca Elena Enescu, Lucian Dincă, Dora Lucaci


The aim of this paper is to realize a description of forest soils from these two counties. The work material is represented by soil analysis data from forest management plans made after 1980. These data are part of a huge national database performed by National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry (INCDS) „Marin Dracea”. 464 soils from Cluj county and 591 soils from Harghita County were analyzed in this study. In total, 2867 soil genetic horizons were analyzed. In Cluj County, the relief consists predominantly of hills, while Harghita County is an area with mostly mountain areas. The common types of soils from Cluj County are eutric cambisols, dystric cambisols, preluvosols and luvosols. These soils are rich in humus, while the reaction is strong acid to moderate acid and oligomesobasic to eubasic. In Harghita County, the eutric cambisols and dystric cambisols are the most common soil types. The first ones (eutric cambisols) are mezobasic to eubasic while the last ones (dystric cambisols) is oligobasic.


Cluj and Harghita counties, forest soil description, soil properties.

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