Correlations between the Soil Water Reserve and Soil Evapo-Transpiration in Golf Courses. A Case Study: Sun Garden Golf Resort, Cluj

Oana Maria Orban, Marcel Dîrja, Alexandru Colișar, Mihai Orban


For the good functioning of the golf courses, it is recommended to be maintained by methods or techniques that are considered to be the most efficient and practical but which simultaneously ensure the achievement of environmental objectives such as preventing water pollution or reducing the use of pesticides. In order to ensure the best conditions for running and maintenance of the golf course of Sun Garden Golf Resort, Cluj, in order to ensure an optimal water regime in the soil, by implementing appropriate technological inputs, it is necessary to perform as a whole It is an efficient way to achieve this goal by computing the simple correlations between these factors considered important in the experimental site. At the level of the Sun Garden Golf Resort, Cluj, there is a need to study the interrelations between the soil water reserves and the evapotranspiration of the soil for the proper adoption of the hydromeliorative works, irrigation or drainage works, then the conditions environmental requirements, correlated directly with the water intake, the specificity of the lawn and the type of soil.


hydro-ameliorative works, soil, sport, water.

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