The Evolution of Agricultural Systems in the Lenauheim Commune, Timiş County

Mihaela Elena Neacşu, Simona Niță


The purpose of this scientific paper is to lay forth the evolution of agruicultural systems in the Lenauheim locality, county Timiș, respectivelythe soil types and sybtypes from the locality perimeter, crop strucure, environmental factorsinfluencing their state, but also the animal live stock. Throughout history, the agriculturein the Lenauheim locality went through many troubles. The paper presents its evolution, as well as that of connected industries, and of the people working in agiculture, starting with the first statistics and continuing to the present day.The objectivesof this study werethe description of the agricultural system practiced in the locality, as well as its imporvemnet modalities. With regards to materials and research methods, we applied to documents and statistics which highlight the purpose and objectives ofthis paper.


agricultural system, soil, crops, animal breeding, historical evolution

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