Research Concerning the Behavior of some Maize Hybrids in Satu Mare County

Cristina Moldovan, Marcel Pop, Marcel Duda, Dan Vârban, Sorin Muntean, Camelia Oroian, Alexandru Ghețe


The research carried out in the present paper has attempted to highlight the productive performance of some maize hybrids in pedoclimatic conditions at Medieşu Aurit, Satu Mare County, as well as to identify some correlations between weight of a thousand grains and the production of grain corn. To achieve these objectives, in the spring of 2016, an experience with nine maize hybrids (F73, DKC 4490, P9722, P9900, P9903, P0023, P9911, P0216 and P0412) in Mediesu Aurit, Satu Mare County.Under the pedoclimatic conditions at Mediesu Aurit, Satu Mare County, the most productive maize hybrid has proved to be P0421 with a production of over 13 t ha-1. Compared to the hybrid F73 hybrid, the most cultivated corn hybrid cultivated in the area, there were very significant positive differences in production of six maize hybrids from the nine experienced: P9900, P9903, P0023, P9911, P0216 and P0412.


Duncan test, hybrid, monofactorial, trial.

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