Research on the Degree of Rural Development Using Statistical Indicators

Ancuța Rotaru, Ioana Pop, Sorin Vâtcă, Alin Bunea, Luisa Andronie, Anamaria Vâtcă


The development of a rural area is conditioned by the stimulation of farms practicing the multi-functionality and diversification of agricultural production from which agricultural products are sold, the environmental protection and the welfare of animals. Rural development is an integrated concept and action that involves a multidisciplinary, intersectoral and territorial (regional) methodological approach. Cluj County has a number of competitive advantages in the field of agriculture, which can be capitalized in the future. It has 153,637 hectares of pastures and 85,636 hectares of hay fields, favorable to the development of a strong husbandry sector.


farm, development, market, rural.

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