Habitat Conditions for Cervus Elaphus on the Northern Slope of the Gurghiu Mountains

Marius Cotta, Antonia Odagiu, Rareș Oroian, Teofil Eugen Oroian


Habitat conditions for Cervus Elaphus on the northern slope of the Gurghiu Mountains are described under geomorphological, geological, hydrological, climatological, edaphic and vegetation aspects, consulting the "General study of OS Lunca Bradului", "UP III Neagra, UP IV Salard, UP VI Gudea", from O.S. Lunca Bradului, developed by ICAS Bistrita, 2010. As a result of this presentation it can be concluded that the ecological requirements of the species Cervus elaphus are met at a high level, which favors the existence of vigorous populations of this species.


Cervus elaphus, geomorphological conditions, geological conditions.

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