Considerations upon Body Conformation in Cervus elaphus from Gurghiu Mountains

Marius Cotta, Elvira Oroian, Crina Strugariu, Antonia Odagiu, Teofil Eugen Oroian


Initially, data were statistically processed and interpreted from 15 Cervus elaphus specimens.  As such, the 15 specimens analyzed were shot within the approved quota, broken down by trophies and selection specimens, hence a minimum of 122 cm and a maximum of 167 cm were established for body length, as well as a minimum of 200 kg and a maximum of 275 kg for the weight measured during the rutting period. Therefore, it can be observed, for the most part, that they fit within the intervals cited by literature.


Cervus elaphus, body weight, height, thorax perimeter.

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